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Smart File Advisor finds appropriate programs to open files from your computer
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Smart File Advisor offers you the support you need to find appropriate programs to open files from your computer by accessing the database available on web page.

The application starts automatically whenever the appropriate program which should open a certain file is not installed on your computer, it does not work or it is obsolete and no longer supports the file. You can also open the tool manually by right-clicking on the file you wish to open and by selecting Smart File Advisor. The main window of the tool will provide the same message for all the files you are trying to open. It will prompt you to take one of the two actions: either visit web site or use Windows to open the selected file. By selecting the first option, the site will provide detailed information about the file type and the file extension and will provide a list of compatible programs for it, as well as various links that you can access to download the program.

The second option allows for the possibility to open the file manually, meaning that you will be able to choose a program from your computer to open the respective file. This action is recommended when you are quite sure that an appropriate program already exists on your computer.

All in all, Smart File Advisor can be used every time you have difficulty opening files with the programs installed on your computer or whenever you do not know which program to use. The interface is simple, allowing for quick access to the database from

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  • It provides links for the programs it identifies
  • It provides detailed information about the respective file type
  • It works fast


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